How You Can Help Make a Difference

Here at Lupus South Africa, we need you to join us and help make a difference as we fight back against the mysterious lupus.

Here are a few ways you can help:

  1. Share Your Story: Whether you have been diagnosed with lupus or not, share your story and tell us how you have been touched by lupus. If you know someone strong and courageous diagnosed with lupus, let us know. Send us a photo, video, poem, etc.
  2. Fund-raise: Lupus South Africa runs on the kindness and generosity of our donors. Help us obtain sponsorship, set up fundraisers or simply sell raffle tickets.
  3. Digital Marketing and Communications: Are you creative? Do you enjoy writing? Help us create vibrant and interesting visuals and posts for our social media platforms.
  4. Donate: Assist us by donating clean water, bedding, clothing, books, etc to distribute to those in need.
  5. You tell us: Have any great ideas? Let us know how you can help us achieve our mission!

Get involved today by completing the form below.

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