What We Do

Lupus does not discriminate. It targets both men and woman; young and old. You are not alone. We are here to help and support you through this challenging journey.

Educate on Lupus

Raising awareness through public speaking and providing support by educating people on the mystery of Lupus.

Providing Necessities

Distributing items such as clean water, bedding and books to those in need. We also run a soup kitchen.


We hold fundraising events to assist and support people diagnosed with Lupus.

Why Us?

Lupus South Africa will remain steadfast and resilient in our efforts to educate and raise awareness in the community. Your days may not always be filled with sunshine but as a Lupus community we are here to encourage you to fight back. Stand up and take back what’s yours!
You are stronger than you think you are. Together we can make a difference.