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This website is dedicated to all the men and women who suffers from any Auto Immune disease...Lupus is just one of them...the list is endless...we want to inform, educate, motivate, encourage and change the perception of the world that Lupus doesn't exists...We are real people and we fight for our lives every single day...#LupusLove from Lupus Warriors

just another chat

Hello Everyone   Trust that my writing finds you well today.   Today I am just going to have a general chat about Lupus and what life with Lupus is like. If you ever wondered why my posts are so negative, why its not up building and life changing… here’s […]

Just chatting

Hi Everyone I trust that this writing finds you well today. My life hasn’t had much change except the fact that the fatigue is just super overwhelming. I am struggling to fall asleep and can’t get up for work in the mornings. In the evenings I try to make thigs […]


Hello Everybody   I trust that my blog finds you well today.   I am not feeling so good… I am very very tired and struggle to keep my head up, im nauseas more than usual and I just need my bed. I am dizzy and don’t understand why im […]


POISON TIME Its so weird when its time to take my meds, another topic that I find hard to put into words. I will be ok, note that I am saying “ok”, not fine, not well, but ok when I get to work. I will be chatting a bit, catching […]


As we always seem to make time to share the negative I am working on sharing the positive as well. Not because I don’t like sharing it, but i tend to forget and I am so relieved that the battle is won so i start planning to continue to fight […]


THE FATIGUE I wish I can take you on a daily journey of my life. But then again it will be all too similar so it will be bit boring… Monday 05.02.18 I came home from work at 14h45 and went to lay down on my bed. I got up […]


I hope and pray that all of you had a good break and that you are all geared up for the New Year. May all your dreams and wishes come true in 2018 and may you be blessed out of your shoes!   A lot happened in December 2017 so […]

My Medical marriages

    Any relationship in my life will be built on openness, trust, respect and honesty. Relationships are special more so when you are in charge of my health as it will have a direct affect on the quality of my health. So we know that our relationships are refined […]

I have anger, i have pain

One day when you are in my shoes i want you to feel and see my pain. The fact that you cant see it on my face or should i say the little bit that you can see on my face like the scars that looks like i was burnt […]

A typical day in my life

So today i woke up with painting plans, not major painting session, just touching up in and around the house. When i woke up around 8h00 i felt fine, so i got my cup of coffee and i knew things were going to be ok if it stays like this. […]