As we always seem to make time to share the negative I am working on sharing the positive as well. Not because I don’t like sharing it, but i tend to forget and I am so relieved that the battle is won so i start planning to continue to fight the war. So it’s not deliberate it’s just how things plan out all the time. So my new year’s wish is to make time to share my positives. I must also say that when I am having a good day theres so much things to catch up on, house chores, kids, work, etc… not making excuses.

I got the news on Monday but had to deal with a sick child hugging the toilet pot … and Tuesday it was my time to be so sick that I hugged the toilet pot, it was just too horrible and today im better and Taryn is better so I can share.

I am super-duper happy to share with you that I won my Sanlam appeal. As you recall Sanlam declined my partial disability claim and said that they are not even going to pay for the Occupational Therapist reports that I need in order to appeal. My employer came to the rescue and paid for me to go see the OT in order to get a report issued. Then we could appeal Sanlam’s decision and this week its confirmed. The 2 hours that I can’t work each day Sanlam will pay for. So for the next 12 months hopefully I can focus on my health.

It might be nothing in an able bodied person’s life but in mine its time that I need to rest. I cannot manage Lupus, Diabetes, Chronic kidney failure, osteoarthritis and and and… somethings got to give… the reduced working hours and treatment plan after chemo is doing the trick.

Having Lupus is NOT for the faint hearted but the winning streak here and there makes it ok, makes me fight harder…


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