Hello Everybody


I trust that my blog finds you well today.


I am not feeling so good… I am very very tired and struggle to keep my head up, im nauseas more than usual and I just need my bed. I am dizzy and don’t understand why im feeling like this. I think it might be month end stress.., you know… the budget need to balance, lol… I try not to stress about it but its my reality.

I also would like to apologise to everyone for any duplication of posts/blogs… my memory are not what it use to be so if you see a duplication please just scroll on :)…

I am having serious problems with insomnia and I think its catching up with me… I am in bed and tired enough to sleep but I cant. so im never functioning optimally…

theres so much that I want to share with you, but that will have to wait till I feel better.


I wish you well, take care and remember to rest ok.

Lotsa Love




























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