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just another chat

Hello Everyone   Trust that my writing finds you well today.   Today I am just going to have a general chat about Lupus and what life with Lupus is like. If you ever wondered why my posts are so negative, why its not up building and life changing… here’s […]

Just chatting

Hi Everyone I trust that this writing finds you well today. My life hasn’t had much change except the fact that the fatigue is just super overwhelming. I am struggling to fall asleep and can’t get up for work in the mornings. In the evenings I try to make thigs […]


Hello Everybody   I trust that my blog finds you well today.   I am not feeling so good… I am very very tired and struggle to keep my head up, im nauseas more than usual and I just need my bed. I am dizzy and don’t understand why im […]


POISON TIME Its so weird when its time to take my meds, another topic that I find hard to put into words. I will be ok, note that I am saying “ok”, not fine, not well, but ok when I get to work. I will be chatting a bit, catching […]


As we always seem to make time to share the negative I am working on sharing the positive as well. Not because I don’t like sharing it, but i tend to forget and I am so relieved that the battle is won so i start planning to continue to fight […]


THE FATIGUE I wish I can take you on a daily journey of my life. But then again it will be all too similar so it will be bit boring… Monday 05.02.18 I came home from work at 14h45 and went to lay down on my bed. I got up […]