Monthly Archives: December 2017

My Medical marriages

    Any relationship in my life will be built on openness, trust, respect and honesty. Relationships are special more so when you are in charge of my health as it will have a direct affect on the quality of my health. So we know that our relationships are refined […]

I have anger, i have pain

One day when you are in my shoes i want you to feel and see my pain. The fact that you cant see it on my face or should i say the little bit that you can see on my face like the scars that looks like i was burnt […]

A typical day in my life

So today i woke up with painting plans, not major painting session, just touching up in and around the house. When i woke up around 8h00 i felt fine, so i got my cup of coffee and i knew things were going to be ok if it stays like this. […]