Monthly Archives: February 2016

Sick today..

19:00 I went to bed last night, my whole body was aching and in pain… The sleep came as a blessing… This morning u could feel that I’m not well but I went to work any way … My head was throbbing, ears aching and I was super nauseas … […]

23.02.16 Groote Schuur hospital 2

  23.02.16 Groote Schuur hospital 2 I couldn’t fall asleep last night, tossing and turning and stressing over work and everything else … I think I made another mistake at work and it’s worrying me… The whole time on the road I cursed Lupus… Since my diagnosis all the crap […]

My bit for Lupus…

My bit for Lupus… Since I was diagnosed 3 June 2015 things went horribly wrong… Saying that it’s been a roller coaster ride from hell will be putting it mildly… But I chose my reaction towards my diagnosis and this is where I am at today… I started blogging…I sit […]

Grootte Schuur Hospital visit

Groote schuur hospital 16.2.16 Arrived 8:20 and on the road since 6:50… Got my handbag, medicine backpack, and my documents… Got 2 cold drinks in my bag and money…in the car I realized that I forgot my new treatment tablets, I Must take it every 12 hours on the dot, […]

Goodbye my boy…hello my young man…

  Soooo…you are turning 18 this year hey… I can’t believe how time flew…it feels like yesterday when I held you in my arms for the first time… That wonderful day in July… You weighed 4.5 kgs and had lots of hair… You were sync still are the most perfect […]

Ive learnt…

  Thanks to Lupus I’ve perfected the skill to do my admin in the bathroom due to the type and amounts of meds I’m using… I’ve learnt how to walk like a 80 year old, in order not to fall, bump, cut or hurt myself… Ive learnt how to complete […]