Yearly Archives: 2016

October update

Hello I don’t know where to start… all I know is that I am hanging in there… I sleep a whole lot more, but its merely to escape. What made me write today is the fact that I want to explode… I feel emotionally drained and stretched to the max… […]

September 2016 update

  Sooooo… its been so long that i don’t know where to start…it seems as if i don’t even know how to express my feelings anymore…crazy i know… OK so we’ve moved back months ago and its been super duper bliss!… i am happy the kids are happy and yep… […]

Lupus Patients Often Lose Memory, Become Moody – Columbia Research Explains Why New research led by Columbia University Medical Center demonstrates how lupus, an autoimmune disease that is the most common cause of stroke in young women, causes cognitive and emotional problems in patients, such as forgetfulness and irritability. These […]


Hello Everyone In celebration of Lupus awareness month in MAY we are selling Mugs and short sleeve tshirts… Please support our fundraising effortrs… Lupus SA mugs @ R55.00 each print 1,2 and 3 Lupus SA short sleeve tshirts @ R70.00 each, S,M,L,XL,XXL IN white and purple…(145g) Please email to […]

What’s on my mind…

What’s on my mind… Lots and lots, my head is spinning a bit trying to cover all my bases but it’s impossible, I should breathe and relax, it’s just going to make me more sick if I stress about things… This week has been busy as usual, new getting quotes […]

Lupus: A disease with many faces

Lupus is an autoimmune disease with so many different symptoms that it is often difficult to diagnose and to treat. Despite huge medical advances over the last few years, lupus is incurable. Modern, individually tailored therapeutic approaches are aimed at helping sufferers. Lupus is an autoimmune disease with so many […]


Another few hectic weeks… its just too crazy it feels like December never stopped… After being hospitalised things just went sideways where I was always catching up… the kids are keeping me busy with all their assignments and schoolwork, not to mention my son having afterschool classes until 17h00 , […]